Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Dress!

Okay this is not good I'm seriously freaking out  about the competition!  It's already September!!  And my first competition of the season is on September 10! Arg!  But actually there have been a change of plans, we won't be going to Nashville Tennessee so we can practice at our rink for the competition.  I would really have enjoyed to go to Tennessee but in times of a competition where I have to do doubles in it, I think I'd rather just stay and practice at my rink.  Oh yeah, tomorrow we are going to my great grandpa's cottage to celebrate his 90 birthday!  I'm super excited!  And actually my grandma picked out a dress for me to wear for the competition so I'm also really excited about seeing what my new dress will look like!  I'm actually supposed to be packing right now so I'd better go! :)

Alyssa :)

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