Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great Skate!

Yesterday I had one of the best skating days of my life!  I landed all of my doubles pretty cleanly and did some double-double combinations.  Today I finally landed a clean axel-double toe!  I was so excited!  I also landed for the first time my double flip-double toe!  And (one more thing) I landed my double salchow 10 times in a row without any problems!  I think I have found the key to success for all of the jumps I am finally landing!  I have noticed whenever I am in a bad mood and a bad attitude I don't end up landing the jumps very well.  When you are frustrated and angry it's very hard to focus on what really needs to be fixed for the jump and it's hard to concentrate.  But when you are in a good mood and have a good attitude your jumps are so much better! Now, I'm not saying that every time you're in a good mood you'll have great jumps, it just helps you mentally and it makes it easier for you to do them!  So from now on I will try to be in a good mood everyday and hopefully my jumps will keep getting better and better!

Alyssa :)



  1. Great job Alyss! I agree that having a good attitude can improve the quality of your practice. SO glad you found something that works well for you! Keep up the great work! :)