Sunday, January 8, 2012


We had an exhibition today at our ice rink.  Today was the first day I had to do a solo in an ice show! I
was so nervous!! I was the eighteenth person to skate out of 25 other soloists. I watched and cheered on my friends when they went (my sister also went too!) They all did such a great job!  I was really scared seeing all of them doing so well and thinking about the consequences of me falling.  I don't even know why I think about this because if you fall people just feel bad and cheer you on more!!  And another reason for my nervousness was that there was no practice ice before you got on.  So I had to do my axel and my double jumps without even warming them up!!  Once it was my turn to take the ice I felt confident and ready.  When my music started I felt as if I was in any other practice session with no one watching me.  I ended up landing my axel and my double salchow.  I was going to do a double toe loop at the very end but first my set-up was way to fast for me, (I was probably not even going 1 mile per hour) and also decided not to because I wanted to enjoy the last couple seconds of my program, it would be horrible if you fell right at the end!  So once I finished I got a nice loud applause and I stepped off the ice.  But it wasn't over.  I still had to get ready for our synchronized skating program!  I rushed into the locker room to change into my sparkly gold synchro dress.  Our coach Deb, put my hair up in a low bun and put some lipstick on me.  Since I was one of the last soloists to go I had to hurry as fast as I could!  Almost everyone else in the synchro team had all of their makeup and hair done!  So it turns out they didn't get to finish my makeup but it didn't really matter to me, we had to get on the ice!  Our program was really good over all, we had one fall from one of our teammates, but she got right back up and skated on like nothing happened.  We finished our program to see people giving us a standing ovation! We were all so happy!  After the show I just hung out with my friends and had a lot of fun!  I'll post more soon!!

P.S Our synchro competition in Michigan is just in 5 days!!!

Alyssa :)


  1. I LOVE reading your posts because I can feel what you're feeling every step of the way!! Can't wait to see you at synchro competition!!

  2. I like how you write about your skating, even if I don't know the actual difference between a salchow and a lutz. Your passion for skating really shows. :)