Monday, January 16, 2012

Synchro Results

So of course you remember that I had a synchro competition on Saturday because I've mentioned it so much!  Anyway we were competing against 9 teams in total and we sadly got last, but all fourteen girls on our team, Clarity, were totally fine with our scoring. Obviously we were disappointed but we just enjoyed being out on the ice and having a great time!  And there is another synchronized skating competition in February that we are all super excited about and pretty confident about!   This was the best week of my entire life!  We had so much fun!  I'll see if I can upload our syncrho video so it might take a while but I'll post it on here if I can! :)

Alyssa :)


  1. We really enjoyed watching you compete. Better luck on a higher finish next time. :)

  2. We sure enjoyed watching the competition! Above all else, your attitude shines. That makes you a big winner of how best to live and enjoy life, which is far more important than any competition.

  3. I think the overall experience is what matters most. I'm so glad you all had a good attitude about it! :)

  4. Confidence is the key to success. To me, you are already a big winner. ;-) Evelyn