Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am competing this week on the 17th!  I am kind of nervous because this is my first program with all of the double jumps in it!  (Other than the double axel.)  I do feel confident though, because lately my jumps have been a lot better!  Sometimes I still two foot my double lutz, (The hardest double ever!!)  but like my mom said, "You don't need to get first in this competition, I don't care about that, I just care about that you go out there and try your best and  think confidently and just go for all of the doubles!"  She is absolutely right, and anyway if I think confidently then I probably will land them!  And by the way this competition doesn't  really mean a lot because, first off, I jumped up to a higher level of competition and this is the first competition of the year for me! I mean I would LOVE to get first, but  if I don't I won't be upset.  The competition that really matters is Regionals sometime in October.  Since this year, I will be competing in qualifying Regionals, this means if I win I will possibly be able to go to Junior Nationals!  Ahhh!!!!  This won't be easy though, there will be a whole bunch of really good competitors at Regionals and it will be hard  to win!  That means I'll have to work almost double or even triple of what I am doing now! Better get a good nights sleep now so I can work nice and hard in the morning!! :)

Alyssa :)


  1. I hope you keep practicing in your dreams, and landing all of your doubles. I wish we could be there to watch but we will have to ask for a private performance another time. After a week at sea your balance should be very stable. :)

    1. Thanks grandpa, and that's OK that you guys can't come. Amd yes my balance is very stable! :) LOL

  2. You have the ability to CONTROL your emotions.
    You have the ability to VISUALIZE perfect landings.
    You have the ability to APPRECIATE the joy of skating.

    What a winning combination, Alyssa!

    I'm disappointed that Grandpa and I cannot come and watch your competition due to prior commitment, about which I completely forgot when you and I talked... When is your next competition after this weekend?

    1. Thanks grandma! That's OK that you can't come this weekend, my next competition is some time in May it's in Michigan, it's also another solo competition!