Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Q and Mentor!

Be ready I have a long post here!!
Sorry everyone I didn't get to post on Friday, we stayed up late watching a whole bunch of the popular TV series called Lost.   Anyway we preformed at the Quicken Loans arena, (The Q) and we didn't do well...at all.  Our circle at the beginning broke apart, our straight line footwork got all jumbled up and then someone in our pinwheel, (These are all just fancy synchro words) fell.  So we didn't do well, but we all had a great time and the Monsters (the team we're rooting for) I'm pretty sure that they won, they were 2 points ahead, and there was only one period left in the game when we had to go.  So the Q was done but we all still had the competition at Mentor to worry about.  Mentor is only about 20-30 minutes away from us, so it was a pretty quick drive.  Once all of the synchro girls got there, (our team and the little syncrho team that my mom coaches) we were all so scared!  The stands were packed with people!  Since our team is relatively newer, almost no people in the stands new who we were!  Everyone there was rooting for the Crystalettes or the Cleveland Edges and literally EVERYONE loves them.  These teams are amazing, they even went to Nationals!  It just so happens that our syncrho team is called Clarity, since we start with the letter C, we always have to compete against those teams!!  Our whole syncrho team was freaking out!  Later on, we went into the locker room to get on our gold dresses. Then, about 10 minutes later, a lady walks in telling us that we have to start heading out to the ice.  We all walked single file standing right behind the rink door opening onto the ice. All of the stands were jam packed with people and they were all screaming and shouting syncrho chants to boost up the teams currently on the ice.  When the team right before us finished, the crowd stood up screaming at the top of their lungs, cheering as loudly as they could.  We all gave eachother a nervous glance. Then the person on the loudspeaker called out our teams name.
"From the Chagrin Valley Figure Skating Club, please welcome, Clarity!"
There was a small and polite applause, not the loud cheers and screams the other teams were getting.  We took our spot and soon the music began.   The program was going well until near the middle of our routine.  One of our teammates fell.  But then she got right back up and kept going like nothing had happened.  The rest of the program was really good!  I think we did the best we'd ever done!   We ended,  and the crowd seemed happy so they clapped  louder than they had when we first got on the ice.  We stepped off the ice and no longer than 5 minutes later the scores came up.  We got 4th out of 4.  But everyone was fine with our placement.  We knew we weren't as good as the team that went to Nationals, we knew that we weren't as synchronized as them either!  But we had a GREAT time and that's all that matters.  And apparently at Mentor, 4th place wins a medal!  It was strange because the 4th place medal was a shiny gold medal, and the 1st place medal was kind of a bronze/brown color.  Anyway, it was awesome getting a chance to compete there, that's actually where Regionals was held last year!  That's where I got 6 out of 18 for my solo competition!  Oh and I quickly wanted to tell you (since this post is getting suuuuper long) that we are going to be leaving for a week long cruise and my upcoming solo competition is only 1 week after!!  So on the cruise I'm going to be doing work outs, off ice and things like that so I can keep my cardiovascular system good and healthy so I'll be ready for the competition in only 5 days after we get back from the cruise!

P.S. I started working on my triple toe-loop yesterday!  First triple that I've tried!  I was 1/2 rotation off!

Alyssa :)


  1. I felt like I was re-living your emotions with every word you wrote. As I always say, you are a great writer - in addition to being a fantastic figure skater, a pianist, a chef and, above all else, the most wonderful human being. I am sooooo proud to be your grandma!!

  2. I loved your description of the anxiety and tension as you waited your turn to perform. It made me feel anxious, too! I'm glad everyone had fun and can't wait to SEA you in a few daze. ;)

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to SEA you either!! :)

  3. Congratulations, Alyssa! You have won the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by my blog, Mama Diaries, to pick it up. (I found you through the A-Z blog challenge.)