Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day


So, today is my first real post about me ice skating!  This morning at about 9:00 we arrived at our rink.  We were actually about ten minutes late but whatever.  Anyway always at 9:00 for this week, we have an hour of synchronized skating practice.  In this practice session we do a whole variety of skating moves including the Ina Bauer, spread eagle, hydroplanes, choctaws, things like that.  And even if you're not a figure skating expert it's OK that you don't know about every single move that I'm doing.  Remember you can always comment or ask questions :)  I'll be glad to answer em'!  But back to this morning, part of the reason we're doing these synchro practice sessions is to see which people from the littler synchro team called Discovery, can move up to our team, Clarity.  Many kids want to move up but they have to meet the certain requirements.  Including the Ina Bauer spread eagle... you get the picture.  Oh, and by the way they also have to pass their first skating test called pre-preliminary, (which is basically just stroking and three turns if you're wondering) but they have to do all of these things to be able to move up and be with the team Clarity. Alright enough about synchro, I hope I'm not boring you.  OK some important things: this year (September 10) I will be competing at the Preliminary level.  This includes at least two different types of... hold my breath... DOUBLE JUMPS, and two spins maximum, with a whole bunch of other requirements that I'm not going to go into.  See the thing is I can land my double jumps fine it's mostly just my nerves.  And , to be honest maybe I can't land then fine all the time. :) The music I'm going to skate to this year is the theme song from Kung Fu Panda called "Hero." Go ahead, search it up it's cool!  Oh and one more thing before I go eat some lunch, one of my friends is testing tomorrow, she's taken this test a few times and I'm hoping and praying that she will do well!  She's taken it already and hasn't passed ;(  I hope she'll pass this time!  Wish her good luck!

P.S.  You may have noticed how many smileys I use in my posts.  This is really, REALLY, random but just for fun, what's your favorite smiley? Please put your answer in the comment box!

P.P.S. The  synchronized skating girls in the picture above are all doing Ina Bauers.  Just so you can get an idea of what I'm doing! ;)

Alyssa :)


  1. Wow that sounds fun! And good luck to your friend! (Even though I know who she is)! :D

  2. Hi Alyssa, It's great that you know how to Ice skate. Mom really likes to watch ice skating on TV. Sure wish there was something you can do with the nerves, but I think you will do great in your competition. Hope your friend passed her test.


  3. My favorite smiley is :). Glad synchro camp is fun!