Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Day of Camp!

Today was my last day of synchronized skating camp ;( so sad!  I've had so much fun!  Today we decided to choose which kids from the little Discovery team could move up to our team Clarity.  In the end we decided that since we knew all of the kids wanted so badly to be on Clarity, we all agreed that we would call the little team Clarity as well, I didn't know if they would be OK with this but  they ended up happy by this decision and so did our team, Clarity.  Some of the kids just weren't physically or mentally ready to move up to our team.  It would be way to hectic!  Oh!  I have to tell you guys something really exciting, this year our synchro team will be competing twice, and in many different exhibitions.  Every year we skate for the intermission of some hockey game, it's so much fun!  And also this year we will be competing in Michigan! January 14-15 if I'm correct!  I'M SO EXCITED!! :)  OK this is totally off topic but who says I have to write everything about skating all the time?  Skating isn't the only thing I do in my entire life (OK well practically) but I also love to bake!  I made these really good lemon, blueberry cupcakes!  They are so good, and I made so many!  Yay we'll have them for a while!!  Unless we all scarf them down!  Which we probably will anyway :)

Alyssa :)


  1. AGHGGG I am so excited for the Michigan competition!!! It will be super fun like going swimming at night (if the hotel has a pool) and all getting ready together. Finally we don't have the black dresses! ;)

  2. haha ik! I'm so excited! :) haha, and I hated those dresses :P

  3. Glad you had fun this week!

    I love the cupcakes too! :)