Monday, August 15, 2011

Not The Best Day

Today wasn't the best skating day I've had.  Today we went to another public skate.  We usually don't skate at public skates, mostly just at freestyles.  So when I do go onto public skate ice I get so annoyed!  The ice looks bad, and just down right feels bad.  When I first get onto the public skate ice I don't feel like I'm happily gliding over it, I feel like I'm a big monster that can't even stand up on the scratchy, beat up ice.  I was working on my doubles today and I just kept falling!  Now I know I can't blame my falls on the ice, most of it was just me, but I was so frustrated because only my last couple double jumps were pretty good.  One and a half hours of working and only pretty good?  I don't know today just wasn't the best day I've had. :(  So we went home and I enjoyed playing Sorry with my little brother Ryan, and that made me feel a whole lot better  :D

Alyssa :)